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In a more precise description, the Company is not just a company but a platform. The platform allows any capable person, regardless of your background, to influence and act, so long as the individual manages to generate values and create positive working attitude among other employees. This is why you choose us, a platform where you can shine ever brighter.

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Career paths in Hong Kong Asset Management


We occasionally open internship program during holiday seasons or for specifically for those who annual school breaks. It usually lasts from 3 months to a year long. We provide job tutoring and hands on work tasks and hope you will return to us as a full time workforce in the future.


We takes in school graduates to fill in our junior roles. As a junior, you will be walking along the learning curve with the help of seniors. Of course your seniors are expecting your effort to assist them in return, too. So, be humble but dare to impact!

Experienced Professionals

We look for people who possess supreme qualities and skills in the professions, and passion of seeking for success and high level of integrity and leadership.

Investment Advisors

We keep building a strong workforce of investment advisors who are capable of improving the management of existing client asset base, and also broadening new client reach.

Other Positions

There will be other positions where you can fit in here even though if you do not have core financial experience or capabilities. We are sure you can contribute in different business aspects.

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