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Growing wealth with care and expertise

Average 20+ years' experience & global exposure

Hong Kong Asset Management is one of the  alternative asset management firms in Asia that provides investment advisory and fund management service.



Roger WONG
Co-Founder &
Chief Investment Officer

Abhishek RAWAT , CFA
Co-Founder &
Portfolio Manager



  • The Company’s senior management comes from banks and top-tier international professional firms with many years of experience, multi-disciplinary knowledge, diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, and above all, outstanding work ethics.​

  • Human resource is the most valuable asset in the financial industry. The success of a firm relies on individual excellence of employees as well as successful collaboration of everyone with a common goal to achieve the company’s vision. With the strong skill set of our employees and an environment promoting innovation and collaboration, we strive to create the most value for our clients. We maintain a high standard of corporate governance and ethics, and also continually invest in human capital through ongoing education and sharing of knowledge.

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