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Our fund invests in global credit market

Hong Kong Asset Management is one of the largest independent alternative asset management firms in Asia.

Growing wealth with care and expertise

Global Fixed Income Fund

Hong Kong Asset Management is one of the  alternative asset management firms in Asia that provides investment advisory and fund management service.


The Fund is managed by Hong Kong Asset Management Limited. The fund invests in fixed income instruments in developed and emerging markets. The fund manager will build a portfolio using a comprehensive and integrated approach, including macro risk analysis, valuation analysis and market technical analysis. The Fund may short sell securities to benefit from a decline in fundamentals or changes in market technical. Fund managers also use leverage to increase the overall net return on their portfolio.




We are active manager looking for investment opportunities around the world to generate extra return mainly from capital gain, which is the major source of our outperformance.


Our unconstrained approach allows us to adjust allocation among different industry sectors and asset classes including corporate bonds, corporate hybrids, bank capital debt, CDS, and interest rate futures.


Our short-sell trades on deteriorating credit not only generate good return on our portfolio but also reduce the overall price volatility of our bond portfolio. 

Multi Strategies

Multi Strategies to enhance the return including event-driven trades, relative value, credit rotation trades, special situations, or trades after market dislocation resulting from forced selling or negative headlines.


We constantly monitor the macro environment through the VIX index, the iTraxx CDS crossover index, equity indices, interest rates, and currencies. With the ability to use derivatives, we are able to reduce the overall volatility of our portfolio enhancing our Sharpe ratio.


We conduct extensive credit research work on any bonds to be included in our portfolio. In addition, we have a 10-point loss rule to cut our positions, in case there are signals of credit deterioration. As a result, we have minimum default exposures which is a source of out-performance.


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