Hong Kong Asset Management is the place where West meets East,
Past connects to Future, and Stones turns into Diamonds.

Our Services

HKAM continues to explore new scope of services and we can serve beyond clients imagination

Our Approach

Our approach to asset management helps us in our goal of delivering strong, consistent results built on our global resources and relationships.
This is achieved through thoughtful analysis, research, as well as effective risk management.

Platform for Outstanding

Fresh Graduates
We takes in school graduates to fill in our junior roles. As a junior, you will be walking along the learning curve with the help of seniors. Of course your seniors are expecting your effort to assist them in return, too. So, be humble but dare to impact!
Experienced Professionals
We look for people who possess supreme qualities and skills in the professions, and passion of seeking for success and high level of integrity and leadership.
Investment Advisors
We keep building a strong workforce of investment advisors who are capable of improving the management of existing client asset base, and also broadening new client reach.
Other Positions
There will be other positions where you can fit in here even though if you do not have core financial experience or capabilities. We are sure you can contribute in different business aspects.

Our Value

HKAM prides itself on providing clients with a discretionary service. We offer bespoke solutions with the clients’ best interest in mind.
HKAM believes that if our clients are successful, HKAM will be successful too.