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Founded in 1992, Hong Kong Asset Management Limited (HKAM) is dedicated to providing ethical & transparent financial advice, investment services and structured products to Institutional & Private investors around the world.

hongkong_23Hong Kong Asset Management Limited, (HKAM) founded in 1992 is a company registered with Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission with Type 1 (dealing in securities), Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) licenses. We are one of the best providers for quality investment, asset management and investment advisory services in Hong Kong. This is achieved through innovative proprietary risk analysis, manager selection and portfolio management. Our services are carried out by dedicated professional with the supporting team of analysts, researchers, financial engineering and professional specialists. Our team have a strong track record in providing qualities services for financial services.


Our Company is one of a leading providers for investment, asset management and investment advisory services in Hong Kong through innovative proprietary risk analysis, manager selection and portfolio management.

Founded in 1992, the Company is a privately owned professional financial advisory firm offering impartial advice to both local and international clients in providing financial services and insurance brokerage services. We have licenses granted by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) and Professional Insurance Broker Association. With effect from the  February 2006, the name of the Company has been changed to Hong Kong Asset Management Limited to better reflect the Company’s services provided. The Company has gone through organization restructure and operations by end of 2011 and diversified our business services to cover a wider range of financial services including but not limited to potential cross border transactions. In the 2015, the Company has entered into partnership arrangement with private banks in Hong Kong and overseas to provide external assets management services to investors and allowing the Company to provide more extensive and sophisticated financial services and products to high net worth individuals and corporations. We are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals with expert, customized services to ensure that our clients mitigate risks and achieve their individual wealth and protection needs.

Starting from 15 February 2017, our Company is licensed to provide more services which are allowed under our un-condition licenses granted by the SFC. We aim to provide full scope of professional services to serve our prestige clients in the new era and win the long span of trust and confident to work together with our clients.

Past: the stepping stone of western missionary in the Far East
Now: the gateway of the World to the Greater China
Future: the center of wealth creation in Pan Asia…

that “Hong Kong”;


“Asset Management” is

the business we practiced since 1992,
the business we strive to conduct in the chaotic world,
the business we believe to drive fortune at a never ending pace…

Hong Kong Asset Management is the place where West meets East,
Past connects to Future, and Stones turns into Diamonds.

Our Approach

“Our approach is delivering strong, consistent results built on global resources and relationships. This is achieved through thoughtful analysis, research, as well as effective risk management.”



Our Value

We are proud of providing clients with a discretionary service. We offer bespoke solutions with the clients’ best interest in mind. We believe that if our clients are successful, We will be successful too.














Human resource is the most valuable asset in the financial industry. With the dedication of our “People”, we maximize the function of your money to help you achieve business success and magnify the size of your wealth. The success of a company does not only rely on individuals qualities, but also how People work together as a proper organization. With effective corporate governance while not hindering the innovative mindset of individuals. With the collaborate effort of our People, we strive to create long term value for our clients and contribute to the broader communities. Our office is located at the heart of the world’s financial center in Hong Kong where you can find most of well-known banks nearby and professional with high quality services in the world’s market.




We believe there is no limit in our People’s potential and it is a matter of how we fully utilize their ability in our business practice and help them to build up experiences throughout their career path. That’s why we invest in the human capital, through ongoing education of professional knowledge and cultivation of high standard company culture and ethics.


It is vital to recruit the right “People”. Please visit our career page to find out more of our latest job openings, submit the application, and prove to us you are the right “People” to our Company



The Company’s senior management come from banks and top-tier international professional firms with long years of successful experience, multiple disciplinary knowledge , diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, specialized expertise, excellent human management skill and above all, outstanding work ethics.

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Central  Hong Kong

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